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Get Smarter About Your Energy Procurement Data Book

White Paper Published By: ConEdison Solutions
ConEdison Solutions
Published:  May 11, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  23 pages

How can you take control of seemingly ever increasing energy costs? At ConEdison Solutions, as energy management experts, we know that is not an easy task. We know that effectively controlling energy costs involves understanding the multitude of factors that influence energy prices, and developing procurement strategies that account for those factors, as well as your unique business goals.

In this data book from Energy Manager Today and ConEdison Solutions, you'll find detailed information on:

  • Major components of U.S. average electricity price
  • Retail electricity markets
  • U.S. generation capacity and U.S. generation outlet by fuel type
  • Pricing components of a typical PJM 12-month fixed price ($/MWH)
  • Historical ancillary services costs by load zone ($/MWH)
  • Historical transmission charges by network
  • Top 10 states by estimated non-residential U.S. green pricing customers
  • Average square feet and electricity consumption by building type in the U.S.

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