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Building a Bridge to the 3rd Platform with HPE Composable Infrastructure

White Paper Published By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Published:  Aug 02, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Many CIOs have come to realize that their company is in the midst of a significant market transformation. New technology innovations, including cloud, mobile, social and big data, impact every aspect of a company’s operations. Forward-thinking business leaders view this as a time of opportunity. Today, every enterprise seems to face disruption from both emerging competitors that are often "born-in-the-cloud," and traditional competitors that adopt new and progressive business models.

Concurrently, customer and end-user expectations are shifting. Customer demands for on-demand, anytime IT are one of the driving factors for the shift in the marketplace. What is becoming more apparent is that customers identify with "the experience" over "the product." While many have pointed to the consumerization of IT as delivering better ease-of-use, a greater number of consumers are beginning to value the benefits from the experience, with the delivery device and method becoming transparent in the process. This is causing IT organizations to rethink their strategy, steering them toward a service-provider mentality versus solely as a builder and operator of IT infrastructure.

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