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Small Business Collaboration Essentials Make teamwork your best work with Cisco

White Paper Published By: Cisco EMEA
Cisco EMEA
Published:  Mar 26, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  19 pages

The modern workplace is anywhere

Complex work. Specialised teams all over the place. Theyíre in offices, homes, hotels, cars and airports. It could hardly be any more different to the days when people sat in neat rows of desks. Thatís the modern reality of business lifeóitís happening everywhere at once.

Not only that, itís happening on all kinds of devices, from desktop to mobile. And every generation of worker expects to have its workstyle accommodated.
Today, co- workers mingle flexibly in pairs and groups, and those teams thrive on exchanging creative energy. They meet up in spaces designed specifically to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas. Their disruptive new concepts are where the next big growth opportunities are. The modern workplace is one where ongoing innovation is valued above all else. And flexibility extends well beyond four walls.

Think about the way you work today and how it has evolved. Chances are itís no longer 9 Ďtil 5.
Mobile employees, contract workers, freelancers, working parents, and the growing army of crowdsourced employees in co-working spaces are often spread across the entire planet.
For them and for lots of young people (so-called Ďmillennialsí), connecting digitally to the workplace is the new normal. They now expect a flexible work-from-wherever experience. They expect to not let little things like hemispheres and time zones get in the way of good ideas, collaboration in realtime and in virtual work spaces is more important than ever.

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