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White Paper Published By: Crystal IS     Published Date: Dec 04, 2015
Global environmental concerns over water and air pollution are leading to new regulations that require real-time monitoring. Existing regulations are being tightened to monitor lower concentrations of compounds and more compounds are being brought under regulatory control. As a result, companies and utilities will need to develop a network of cost-effective sensors for monitoring and response in real-time. The use of optical spectroscopy with lattice matched UVC LEDs can address these requirements while reducing system and maintenance costs.
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carbon finance, carbon management, ehs, emissions, policy and law
Crystal IS
White Paper Published By: Environmental Leader     Published Date: Nov 30, 2015
Download our special report featuring the Energy Manager Today Awards Top Products and Top Projects of the Year, as chosen by a panel of expert judges.
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carbon finance, carbon management, data centers, energy procurement, energy efficiency
Environmental Leader
White Paper Published By: Workiva     Published Date: Nov 11, 2015
Workiva brings you Beyond Compliance: Applying a Risk Lens to Your EHS Practice from EHS Today and the American Society of Safety Engineers. This white paper lays out a basic path for organizations to begin working within a risk framework. In it, you'll discover points for helping define risk at your organization, how to move safety focus beyond compliance, and best practices for applying the risk lens—including leadership buy-in, employee engagement, and investing in the right systems.
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carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy procurement, emissions
White Paper Published By: I.H.S.     Published Date: Nov 06, 2015
Since its first publication in 2003, over 50 distinct countries have adopted the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). Most recently in the United States, OSHA has adopted GHS making the first significant change to its Hazard Communication Standard in nearly 30 years. As the GHS wave continues and more countries adopt it, one thing has become clear: each implementation has its own unique flavor. Companies are therefore challenged with understanding the nuances and implications. What is truly harmonized? What is different? What are the implications for my Safety Data Sheets and Labels? The following series of Questions and Answers compiled by IHS experts aims to provide some pragmatic guidance on some of the most important aspects of GHS variations and common issues around the globe.
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ehs, policy and law, reporting, supply chain, sustainability
White Paper Published By: Digital Lumens     Published Date: Sep 23, 2015
LEDs have unique and compelling characteristics that make them ideal for a broad range of general lighting applications, from residential to commercial. But there are a variety of misconceptions about LEDs, how well they work, how long they last, and more. Download this brief white paper, 8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs & Controls, to dish up the facts and address some common misunderstandings.
Tags : 
carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy procurement, energy efficiency
Digital Lumens
White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015
Read this white paper for insight into the trends and factors driving the future of energy and utilities, and the resulting implications for the industry.
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insights, trends, business models, iot, internet of things
Free Offer Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015
Read this issue to learn how to tap into the massive amounts of data and information across your organization.
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cloud-based data management, sustainability energy, future of energy, data analytics, utility analytics
White Paper Published By: Enablon     Published Date: Jun 08, 2015
More than 90 percent of sustainability leaders at high-revenue firms say that improvements in health and safety, energy and environmental management are “very important” or “important.” Managing these areas of EHS can help firms improve regulatory compliance, risk management and environmental performance, as well as streamline business processes and reduce costs. This report from Environmental Leader, sponsored by Enablon, provides: An overview of the evolution of the EHS Manager. A better understanding of the key EHS pain points. The tools and tactics to overcome today’s EHS challenges. The role of data management in a successful EHS program.
Tags : 
carbon finance, carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy procurement
White Paper Published By: Enablon     Published Date: May 28, 2015
Aberdeen Group conducted a study of over 170 manufacturers on their mobile operations, their Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) strategy and the ways they have successfully overcome the challenges they face. This report is also relevant to other industries including oil & gas, energy and mining.
Tags : 
carbon management, ehs, emissions, energy efficiency, recycling
White Paper Published By: ConEdison Solutions     Published Date: May 11, 2015
In this data book from Energy Manager Today and ConEdison Solutions, you'll find detailed information on major components of U.S. average electricity price, retail electricity markets, U.S. generation capacity and U.S. generation outlet by fuel type, pricing components of a typical PJM 12-month fixed price ($/MWH), historical ancillary services costs by load zone ($/MWH), and much more.
Tags : 
ehs, energy procurement, energy efficiency, supply chain, sustainability
ConEdison Solutions
White Paper Published By: ConEdison Solutions     Published Date: Apr 14, 2015
When considering a solar project, nothing impacts the success of your project more than the firm you hire for the job. ConEdison Solutions has prepared a series of tips to help you as you request RFPs/RFQs from vendors.
Tags : 
solar, request for proposal, rfp, carbon management, energy procurement
ConEdison Solutions
White Paper Published By: Enablon     Published Date: Mar 26, 2015
This bi-annual report analyzes how companies manage their EHS and sustainability: what companies' data management needs are, how much they are spending on software systems, how they select their solutions, implementation challenges and more. The 2015 report uses insight from over 170 EHS professionals to focus on the information buyers seek to benchmark software at the various stages of the purchase cycle: current approach, selection, implementation and maintenance.
Tags : 
carbon finance, carbon management, ehs, energy procurement, emissions
White Paper Published By: Enablon     Published Date: Mar 12, 2015
Download the Verdantix, Green Quadrant EH&S Software (Global) 2014 report to read a detailed market trend analysis and an evaluation of the top 13 vendors in the Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) market. The study finds that regulatory compliance continues to underpin investment in EH&S software, with experienced users increasingly looking to harness risk management functionalities offered by sophisticated applications.
Tags : 
ehs, trend analysis, verdantix, enablon, regulatory compliance
Case Study Published By: Digital Realty     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015
ARM had an immediate need for a flexible provider that was willing to collaborate on a “build-to-suit” energy efficient data center, but also want a long-term partner to consider for future projects in other parts of the world. Find out why they chose Digital Realty.
Tags : 
data center, digital realty, energy efficient, build-to-suit, energy efficiency
Digital Realty
White Paper Published By: Lucid     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014
Why bring buildings online? What information can operations teams glean from real-time data that they can’t just get from the monthly data provided by utility companies?
Tags : 
data centers, energy procurement, energy efficiency, reporting, sustainability
White Paper Published By: Environment Energy Pro     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014
Environment Energy Pro provides unrivaled, practical information to help plan and undertake successful energy, environment and sustainability initiatives that create business opportunities, cut costs and reduce risks. Get a Free Trial for instant access to help you: Improve your company's environment and energy performance; Save time and money in reaching your sustainability goals; More easily qualify vendors and new technologies; and Prepare your company for standards and regulatory changes
Tags : 
environment energy pro, el pro, sustainability, corporate sustainability, data
Environment Energy Pro
White Paper Published By: Measurabl     Published Date: Sep 18, 2014
The annual survey conducted by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has emerged as the de facto standard for how the commercial real estate industry discloses sustainability performance. This paper will explore the demand for benchmarks like GRESB, how they affect the commercial real estate industry, and what stakeholders can expect in the near future.
Tags : 
sustainability report, real estate, policy and law, reporting, sustainability
White Paper Published By: Georgia Tech Professional Education     Published Date: Sep 16, 2014
Georgia Tech helps you calculate your environmental footprint to improve your bottom line, increase your environmental stewardship and enhance your reputation.
Tags : 
footprint, data, sustainability, carbon management, emissions
Georgia Tech Professional Education
White Paper Published By: Georgia Tech Professional Education     Published Date: Sep 11, 2014
Find out how utilizing the Lean tool, value stream mapping, can help you achieve environmental and energy savings with this white paper written by Georgia Tech.
Tags : 
environment, energy, procurement, energy procurement, policy and law
Georgia Tech Professional Education
White Paper Published By: University of Colorado Boulder     Published Date: Jul 23, 2014
This guide details the ways in which the University of Colorado-Boulder’s online sustainability management non-credit certificate programs can help you learn how to evaluate, plan, enact, and gain support for green practices in your organization. It also explores the increasing demand for sustainability professionals and their essential job functions.
Tags : 
sustainability careers, hidden employment potential, boulder, colorado, university of colorado
University of Colorado Boulder
White Paper Published By: Siemens     Published Date: Jun 17, 2014
Today’s business environment includes a wide variety of challenges that affect overall operations and performance, and the way your buildings use energy is one of those challenges. In fact, buildings today consume 41% of all energy worldwide and produce 21%* of the world’s carbon emissions. When considered at the individual building level, energy consumption represents 32% of a building’s total lifecycle cost. Today’s organizations are realizing energy and sustainability initiatives are integrated with a building’s performance.
Tags : 
buildings, energy, energy procurement, energy efficiency, reporting
White Paper Published By: Enviance     Published Date: May 28, 2014
This special 140-page report, published by Environmental Leader and made possible by Enviance, details lessons-learned, tactics, insights and case studies from corporate environmental, sustainability and energy management decision-makers.
Tags : 
energy, energy efficiency, reporting, sustainability, environmental management
White Paper Published By: Precision Paragon (P2)     Published Date: May 22, 2014
A free eBook from [P2] gives lighting professionals tips on how to get the most from every retrofit. The eBook covers advanced lighting techniques, like performing comprehensive layouts to reduce the number of fixtures used, addressing outdoor and specialty lighting and using automation to waste less light.
Tags : 
energy procurement, energy efficiency, reporting, sustainability
Precision Paragon (P2)
White Paper Published By: Vertigent     Published Date: May 28, 2013
This paper discusses the outcome of using data that is extrapolated from major metropolitan areas versus the advantage of highly granular data that measures availability down to any zip code in the US.
Tags : 
data centers, ehs, energy procurement, emissions, energy efficiency
Case Study Published By: IBM     Published Date: Mar 22, 2013
Gains economic, operational and environmental Benefits
Tags : 
energy, efficiency, savings, operating costs, sustainability
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