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White Paper Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Feb 19, 2016
Today's energy landscape is evolving and it's becoming increasingly more difficult for organizations to know which variables will actually impact their business. Furthermore, many people within a typical enterprise have an opinion on how energy and environmental issues impact the bottom line. In today's multinational corporations, energy is important to not only energy managers and procurement professionals, but also sustainability officers, finance directors and even public relations teams. Having a view of the market everywhere your organization has operations is critical to the way you purchase, use and track energy. The convergence of various energy and environmental disciplines, together with the ever-changing global market dynamics, makes 2016 an interesting year. Six key themes are important to watch, and this paper explores each of them in more detail to prepare you for a year of critical energy decisions.
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carbon finance, carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy procurement
Schneider Electric
White Paper Published By: Sphera     Published Date: Oct 17, 2016
Leaders at large enterprises know that gathering and disseminating information about environmental, health, and safety performance can lead directly to improved financial performance. Smart companies use a standardized, enterprise-wide environmental management information system (EMIS) to manage their environmental and sustainability information. An EMIS helps them accurately set goals and track what is happening at every level of the organization in a timely manner. Putting an EMIS into place means looking ahead by as much as five, 10 or even 15 years. This report will help companies follow the steps that will increase their likelihood of success down the road.
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carbon finance, carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy procurement
White Paper Published By: TRAC360     Published Date: Aug 26, 2013
Developing and implementing your facility SPCC Plan is no small feat. There are numerous requirements for plan content and also additional requirements for carrying out monitoring, recordkeeping, and inspection protocols. Eight common plan deficiencies will be discussed in this paper. Be sure to review your plan to make sure that you’ve covered all bases.
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ehs, energy procurement, energy efficiency, reporting, environmental management
White Paper Published By: Transformative Wave     Published Date: Sep 19, 2016
Rooftop-Units (RTUs) condition over 60% of commercial floor space in the United States. While typically viewed as one of the more affordable options on the market, traditional RTUs are poorly engineered without energy or maintenance costs in mind. Over the last ten years, a new Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) retrofit technology has established itself to address the wasteful energy practices and operational inefficiencies of RTUs, called Advanced RTU Control (ARC). With ARC retrofit technology, RTU performance is improved through the addition of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Demand Control Ventilation, Advanced Economization, and Predictive Economization. ARCs have been tested by numerous utilities and third-party organizations to determine how they perform in various climate zones to validate their ability to lower energy consumption, providing operational oversight, and extend the life of RTU assets. Download this white paper to learn more.
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carbon finance, carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy efficiency
Transformative Wave
White Paper Published By: Transformative Wave     Published Date: Apr 07, 2016
Much like any new technology, how the 'Internet of Things' - or IoT - will impact our personal and professional lives is only starting to be imagined, but what will it look like for Building Automation Systems (BAS)? This white paper defines the integrated IoT Ecosystem for the building automation industry from interoperability and device connectivity to insightful user interfaces and more. Ultimately, the IoT is about empowering a wide spectrum of stakeholders through simple smarts, from building owners to energy managers to building occupants.
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carbon management, data centers, ehs, policy and law, reporting
Transformative Wave
White Paper Published By: UL Environment     Published Date: Jun 18, 2016
As sustainability becomes a more deep-rooted and active part of day-to-day business decision making, companies are increasingly moving towards a single, integrated platform to manage EHS, sustainability, and supply chain data. But how should a company use all this new data? This white paper will explore how your business can use advanced information systems to have real, meaningful insights at its fingertips, spot trends developing ahead of time, identify issues, and predict future scenarios.
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carbon finance, carbon management, ehs, energy procurement, emissions
UL Environment
White Paper Published By: University of Colorado Boulder     Published Date: Jul 23, 2014
This guide details the ways in which the University of Colorado-Boulder’s online sustainability management non-credit certificate programs can help you learn how to evaluate, plan, enact, and gain support for green practices in your organization. It also explores the increasing demand for sustainability professionals and their essential job functions.
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sustainability careers, hidden employment potential, boulder, colorado, university of colorado
University of Colorado Boulder
White Paper Published By: Urjanet     Published Date: Apr 13, 2016
In a world where environmental issues are more prominent than ever, many groups in the United States have turned their attention to the building sector. According to the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), the building sector is the single largest user of energy in the United States, accounting for roughly 40% of total energy consumption. In an effort to reduce this consumption and the environmental and financial costs associated with it, many municipalities have enacted building energy benchmarking and transparency laws. Our eBook aims to highlight important things to know regarding these laws, demystify the process of complying, and introduce three additional ways to go above and beyond simply benchmarking.
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carbon finance, carbon management, ehs, energy efficiency, policy and law
White Paper Published By: Vertigent     Published Date: May 28, 2013
This paper discusses the outcome of using data that is extrapolated from major metropolitan areas versus the advantage of highly granular data that measures availability down to any zip code in the US.
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data centers, ehs, energy procurement, emissions, energy efficiency
White Paper Published By: Workiva     Published Date: Nov 11, 2015
Workiva brings you Beyond Compliance: Applying a Risk Lens to Your EHS Practice from EHS Today and the American Society of Safety Engineers. This white paper lays out a basic path for organizations to begin working within a risk framework. In it, you'll discover points for helping define risk at your organization, how to move safety focus beyond compliance, and best practices for applying the risk lens—including leadership buy-in, employee engagement, and investing in the right systems.
Tags : 
carbon management, data centers, ehs, energy procurement, emissions
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