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Managing Mobility as a Business Imperative

White Paper Published By: BlackBerry
Published:  Dec 22, 2009
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

Over a decade ago, mobile telephony entered the enterprise through the back door: employees who could afford mobile phones occasionally used them for business; specific business units budgeted for employee mobiles and then procured them locally; policies surrounding the usage of mobile phones for work were - where they existed at all - haphazard; there was little means of policy enforcement; and in no case were these mobile phones integrated into a business's fixed telephony strategy, let alone its IT strategy. This stands in sharp contrast to other office technologies, such as PCs, faxes, and copiers. Fast forward to 2010, and the picture painted above still applies to a majority of businesses, large and small. In short, most companies do not manage their mobile estate as if it were an asset and, therefore, miss out not only on opportunities to save costs, but also on the benefits which a strategic approach to mobile management can bring about.

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